Jessica Breeding

Advanced Skin Therapist/Aesthetician

I chose to become an Aesthetician because of the cystic acne that I suffered with, and horrible scarring it left behind. I yearned to learn more about combating this and help other people with the same affliction, I know what a toll it can take on all aspects of a persons life. At the same time that I was dealing with the scars left behind from the acne I also noticed the first signs of aging skin.

I am truly fortunate to work for Studio Skin Deep. I am very enthusiastic about their products. I know they work because I see the results in the mirror every day. It gives me such professional satisfaction, and personal pleasure to make a difference in the lives of those I touch. I enjoy helping my clients face the world with confidence through personalized skin care.
I will always continue furthering my knowledge base. My continuing education is so important to provide the best treatments and services to my clients!

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